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A Strong United Way Today is a Thriving Community Tomorrow

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Divisiveness and distrust – we can, and must, do better. Businesses, government, civic organizations, and citizens need to be UNITED to overcome some incredible challenges. We believe this is possible. We can do it, UNITED.

United Way of Northern California focuses on the community’s greatest needs and creates lasting, measurable results by investing in solutions to education, health, and financial stability – the building blocks for a community with a good quality of life where every person belongs, and every person thrives.

United Way of Northern California is filling gaps in the community through its direct service programs and by filling gaps in funding for organizations who do this work. In the last 12 months, we have helped survivors of numerous North State wildfires, from the Camp Fire in 2018 to the Happy Camp Complex Fire this year in Siskiyou County. We provided grants to those affected by floods in the early months of 2023. We move quickly to meet the community’s needs – but can do so only when we are strong financially, with support from our donors.

That’s where you come in.

In addition to helping victims of natural disasters in the North State, your gift to your United Way of Northern California provides members of our community with access to health and human services. From the calls we take on 2-1-1 to the lives of the homeless we are changing at the South Market Street Micro-Shelter Community in Redding, United Way brings people together to build strong, equitable communities where everyone can thrive. When you give to your community through United Way, you do more than you could do alone. Your gift, combined with the gifts of others, magnifies and multiplies the power of your contribution.

Let’s start this work, UNITED, today. Become a supporter of United Way and end this year with a sense of hope, possibility, and action. A financially strong United Way today means a thriving community tomorrow! Together, we can build a future that is better for every member of our community. When our communities thrive, so do we.